PROMED-EXPRESS FLORIDA is a Floridian company with new proposals, new ideas that facilitate and expedite the process for on demand deliveries within the medical industry throughout the State of Florida & Nationwide. 

PROMED-EXPRESS FLORIDA service sets apart from other courier companies with a response to your service call within 30 minutes of received on day shifts, 45 minutes on overnight shift.

Let us serve you…We provide our FULL service 24/7 and 365 days a year. With our drivers totally dedicated to protecting and deliver your package to its destination.

PROMED-EXPRESS FLORIDA is strategically located in the following cities:

• Orlando
• Saint Petersburg
• West Palm
• Fort Lauderdale
• Hialeah
• Jacksonville
• Tallahassee
• Pensacola
• North Carolina

Your package will be protected and soon will be in your possession…ProMed Express Florida